ZAO GELINEFTEGAZ Organizations sell jet fuel in bulk and "into plane" to more than 30 airports of the Russian Federation and outside of Russia through a network of own subsidiaries, as well as under contracts with third-party fueling companies Besides, ZAO GELINEFTEGAZ sells jet fuel as part of stock trading on a monthly basis. Major Russian and foreign air carriers have been primary consumers of products for many years.

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Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Oil and natural gas exploration and production are our core activities. We seek to increase our reserves and develop production to make sure we can meet the increased demand for energy. With technology and the persistence of our employees, we overcome challenges that once seemed impossible, such as the deep waters of the Campos Basin, in the 1970s. Today, production in deep pre-salt waters is already a consolidated reality. Therefore, we are always expanding our operations in a sustainable manner in areas with great potential for exploration and production. Most of our oil reserves are nestled in offshore fields, a fact that has led our drilling activities to achieve increasing depths. We expect to reach total production of oil and gas (Russia and international) of 3.41 million boed in 2021.